Monday, October 27, 2014

The Bookworm Presents: This Old Thing

A couple of month back I promised a review of the book the accompanied the series This Old Thing that I reviewed here. I have finally got around to writing my review so here it is.

This Old Thing is written by Dawn O'Porter who I simply adore. The language of the book is very much Dawn's voice and includes some fabulous Dawnisms such as 'thighbrows'. Dawn's enthusiasm and love of vintage comes across very strongly.

The book is a fabulous gift for vintage lovers or those who are new to vintage as it has sections on what vintage is and what it isn't and where and how to buy vintage. It shares information on women's and men's fashion throughout the decades from the 1920's to the 1980's. There are also sections on iconic items of clothing such as the bikini, wiggle dress, flares, mini skirt, maxi dress and even the bob haircut.

The book has valuable information on the history of British clothing manufacture, designers to look out for and information on when and how to tailor your vintage (with simple sewing tasks explained) and care of vintage items written in Dawn's quirky easy to read style. There is also an interview with 'Vintage King' and collector of designer vintage William Banks-Blaney.

Whether you have seen the series or not and are new to vintage or a seasoned vintage lover you are sure to love this book!