Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Retrofest 2014

On Sunday the Hubby and I took a roadtrip to Grafton to check out the first ever Retrofest. Unfortunately we did not make it there until about midday and by the time we got there most of the action was over and there was only a handful of stalls left so after a quick mooch around and admiring the beautiful jacarandas all in bloom we went to the shops to have a look around but as it was Sunday almost nothing was open so we headed back home. I later found that unfortunately we missed the judging of the pinup contest. As this was only the first year of Retrofest I could not find any times for such events posted anywhere. Regardless, here are a few pics from the day:
I took the opportunity to wear the white and green halter neck dress I picked up in my local op shop for just $5 paired up with simple white pumps, bamboo bracelets and my attempt at a beehive type do on short hair.
Dress - thrifted
White ballet flats - Kmart
Bamboo bracelets - Bows & Crossbones