Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sunrise at the Pat and Byron Bay

The Hubby and I decided to get up super early on our day off and go to watch the sunrise at the Pat Morton Lookout between Ballina and Lennox Heads. We reached the Pat just after 5.30am and spent the next hour or so enjoying and photographing the sunrise. Luckily we were not the only ones who decided to climb the lookout to enjoy the views so we managed to persuade a lovely lady to snap this picture of us together.
After seeing the sun come up we were starting to get hungry so we drove on to Byron Bay to grab a spot of breakfast. We stopped in at the Eatery to grab a couple of their Egg and Bacon rolls. If you are ever in Byron I advise you to try them for yourself as they are absolutely delicious!
After brekie we went to look around the shops but most were still closed so we headed down to the beach to take a wander in the sunshine before heading back to the shops to have a look around. I stopped in at the local Vinnies and Lifeline op shops but didn't see much of anything I liked ecept for a couple of Christmas decorations at Lifeline.

After grabbing a frozen yogurt from Yoflo we drove to the Arts and Industry Estate. I stopped in at A Colourful Life where I picked up a gorgeous 60's dress for just $25 (which I'm sure will appear on the blog at some point soon) and then popped into the Salvos store where I picked up a dress for $5 and the hubby found a couple of shirts at a steal!

I will leave you with these pics of the sunrise:


  1. So lovely!! Glad to know you're enjoying Byron! Hope all is good on your side!!

    1. Thank lovely! All is good. Hows things in Sydney?