Monday, December 8, 2014

What Emma Did - 7th December 2014

Sorry for the delay in posting, this week has been super busy as my Sister has arrived from the UK so we have been busy showing her around the area but without further delay this week I have been:
♥  Picking my sister up from the airport
♥ Going to Ikea to get my sister a bed and driving home 2 hours with a mattress strapped to the roof of our little KA!
♥ Putting our Christmas tree up
♥ Getting my eyebrows done
♥ Heading to the RSL for a spot of lunch
♥ Getting Lunch in Byron at Bellaporto and showing my Sister around a little
♥ Stopping off in Lennox Head for some great ice-cream at In the Pink, a spot of shopping at Riley Burnett and taking the view at the Pat Morton Lookout 

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