Monday, June 8, 2015

Lila Jean Vintage Magazine - A Review

There's nothing better on a cold winter day than cosying up with a nice cup of tea and some good reading material. But I have to admit that my first choice would not ordinarily be magazine. Call me a tightwad if you will but I am not prepared to pay the exorbitant prices women's magazines charge when half the content is advertising and the other half is written to make women feel somehow inadequate. 

However when an Australian vintage magazine appeared on the scene I was keen to give it a read but I was reticent to purchase it because of the price. However I finally took the plunge and ordered a copy and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Lila Jean is the first vintage fashion magazine in Australia. It is created by Naomi Gall and is named after her grandmother who, she says was a woman way ahead of her time. Lila Jean magazine spans from the 1920s to the 1970s and even the 1980s and explores the fashion and style that made these eras so sensational. It also looks at architecture, films, literature, food, personal anecdotes, family photographs and so much more! Sometimes a little bit pin-up, a touch rockabilly, Lila Jean is, at it's heart, all about vintage in all it's incarnations.  
I arrived home yesterday to find a big envelope poking out of my mail box and when I opened it my first thought was 'I don't remember ordering any books' because that was the quality that the magazine projected. When I pulled the item from the envelop I was pleased to see that it was my copy of Lila Jean vintage magazine. but to call it a magazine really does not do it justice. Lila Jean vintage is not the kind of magazine that will be consumed in one sitting and then end up in next weeks recycling. This magazine will take pride of place on my bookcase amongst my other books about vintage and be re-read for years to come. 
The first issue has some fantastic articles about the first department stores around Australia, vintage swimwear, pictures from the 50's Fair, Christmas themed articles as well as reviews, profiles and recipes! And on top of that it was lovely to see some very familiar faces of vintage friends pop up in the mag. 

So I will definitely be ordering future copies of Lila Jean Magazine. I'm fact issue 2 is winging it's way to me now! If you want to order yourself a copies you can do so online here or check out local stockists in your area here

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