Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shore Day 2 - Lifou

We awoke on our second shore day to find we had already dropped anchor in the tropical paradise that is Lifou. After a breakfast sat on deck in the sunshine admiring the beautiful view and hopped on a tender boat to the docks where we were met by a fabulous welcoming from the local choir.
After having a quick look around the markets we made our way up to Our Lady of Lourdes church on the top of the hill where there was a gorgeous view of the whole bay. On the way up we passed the entrance to Jinek Bay and considered going for a dip to check out the local marine life but in our haste to get off the boat we had failed to bring our swimmers and as I am not a confident swimmer when I am out of my depth we decided against it.
 After admiring the view and having a look inside the little church we headed back down the hill and in the opposite direction to Efate's main Catholic church. Opposite the church was a lovely little museum with information about the island, its inhabitants and their way of life.
 Inside the church was a stunningly carved altar and cross. On the way back from the church to the beach we passed some local offering to take tourists to the cave and grotto for $5. We were severely tempted but by this point I was starting to get a little sunburnt as the maleria tablets we were taking make you photosensative so I ended up with a sunburnt hairline and hands!  
 After sitting on the beach in the shade and admiring the stunning views and turquoise waters we decided to hop back on a tender and take advantage of the fact that the ship was almost empty so we spent the rest of the day in the Oasis adults only area of the ship having a few drinks, hopping in the hot-tubs and looking out on this stunning view.

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