Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Daily Outfit - Winter Pastels

  Holly heatwave top - Kitten D'Amour
Paula skirt in pink - Hellbunny via Gwynnies
Aqua belt  - Hellbunny via Gwynnies
White crop cardigan - SES
Flamingo Necklace - Erstwilder
White ballet flats - Kmart
Mint rose earrings - ??

Since movie north we have been graced with more gloriously sunny and warm winter days. This outfit was perfect for one such day. I normally opt for bolder colours and jewel tones in my outfits but this pastel outfit was a great diversion from my normal colour palette. 

I have been stalking Kitten D'Amours site for a while now so when this Holly Heatwave top came up in the sale section I had to have it. I knew it would look great paired with my pink Paula Hellbunny skirt (another recent purchase). I have to tell you I was incredibly impressed with Kitten D'Amour's customer service and the beautiful package that arrived at my front door was just delightful. Almost like a birthday present to myself!

And speaking of presents this Erstwilder flamingo necklace was a 30th birthday pressie from my older sister. Its the first Erstwilder piece in my collection which I have recently added 5 new pieces to (but that's for another post!)

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  1. Oh Emma this is such a cute 50s diner outfit ahhaha! I love your hair too - it's looking so amazing I can't believe how long it is!