Monday, August 31, 2015

The Bookworm Presents - Style Me Vintage: 1940s

I was hesitant to order the latest Style Me Vintage book 1940s as I wasn’t sure that the book wouldn't just rehash the 1940's sections from the previous Style Me Vintage Hair, Clothes, Accessories and Make-up books but that was not the case.

Style Me Vintage: 1940s is the latest offering in the series by writer Liz Tregenza who is a fashion history specialist, writer, Design History (MA) graduate and museum curator. The book contains sections on make-up, hair, wartime and post war fashions, lingerie and swimwear and much more with fantastic historical information and highly informative tutorials on how to complete 1940s hair and make-up looks and tips on finding 1940s clothing and accessories and recreating 1940s day and evening looks and even military uniforms. The book covers styles from the UK, America and Europe and talks about iconic brands like Lilli Anne and Horrocks

Style Me Vintage: 1940s even gives readers information on where to research the 1940s to help you recreate an authentic 1940s look from your head right down to your toes.

Style Me Vintage: 1940's is a must have for any fan of the 40s. I can only hope this book is followed up by one about the 1950s!


  1. ohhhh. I might have to add this to my collection!

  2. I would thoroughly recommend it, and the other books in the series!