Friday, September 4, 2015

Daily Outfit - Same Outfit, Different Day

  Holly heatwave top - Kitten D'Amour
Paula skirt in pink - Hellbunny via Gwynnies
Aqua belt  - Hellbunny via Gwynnies
Erstwilder Cooktown Glory Necklace and Freshen Up cardigan clips - Ms Katts Kustom House
Lemon crop cardigan - ?
Pink rose earrings - Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Pink Hair Rose - Kmart
Pink ballet flats - ?

For the longest time I had a 'thing' about not showing the same outfit on the blog more than once. I know I am not the only blogger with the strange notion so I am breaking it now! It is ridiculous to think that people would not wear an item of clothing or even a complete outfit if it is a favourite, more than once so I thought I'd share with you how I wore the outfit I wore in my Winter Pastels post on a different day. I will also be making a concious choice to repeat items of clothing seen on the blog after all I try to concentrate on ethical clothing, thrifting and recycling items in my everyday life so my blog should reflect that don't you think?

I topped off the outfit with a few of the new Erstwilder pieces that I picked up from Ms Katts Kustom House. The Cooktown Glory necklace and the Freshen Up cardigan clip. They were both so beautiful I could not decide which one to wear so I opted for both!


  1. Gorgeous! I used to have the same feeling...then I realised I wasn't a celebrity and even if I literally mixed every piece I still couldn't wear different things all the time. I actually get so happy when fashion bloggers wear the same thing twice. It makes them seem real and that their wardrobe may actually be an attainable goal.

    1. Yep I'm trying to bring more realism to the blog. Thanks for grouping me with fashion bloggers! yay!

  2. I would never really repeat exactly the same outfit - I'd change the hat or the bag or jewelries :) But grah sometimes some outfits are just so good they are worth repeating. You look super adorable in this pastel ensemble!

    1. Thanks lovely. Its not exactly the same outfit the shoes, cardi, jewellery and hair flower is different but its pretty much the same!