Monday, January 11, 2016

Lush Boxing Day Haul 2016

I had to work this Boxing Day so I could not head down to my local Lush store to see what goodies were to be had in store but luckily enough I did manage to get a spare few minutes to hop on-line when the half price sale went live and place my order. It seems from the comments on their Facebook page I may have done better than most Lushies. Here is what I managed to bag:

The Snow Time Gift Set 
This wasn't really on my wishlist but my first choice the Firecracker gift set which contains two Oxford Street products the Experimenter and Intergalactic bath bombs sold out super fast. Lucky for me they are still on sale in the UK so I managed to grab this gift set from UK Lush along with some other bits (but that's for another post). Snow time was a bit of an impulse buy as it contains the Frozen bath bomb which I have been dying to try. At the time I did not remember that the Jugglers also contains Frozen but never mind. Snow time also contains Snowman FUN (200g), Baked Alaska Soap (120g), Snowman Shower Jelly (100g), First Snow Dusting Powder, Frozen Bath Bomb and Christingle Body Conditioner (50g) so for half price this was a great buy.

The Jugglers Gift Set:
The Jugglers has been on my watch list as it contains a Fizzbanger Bath Bomb, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb and a Frozen Bath Bomb. None of which I have tried yet so my reviews for those will be coming up soon.

Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar:
The Holly Go Lightly was one of my favourite Christmas Lush products this year. You can read my review of it here. It smells delicious and is perfect for soothing aching muscles so I picked up another one.

Old Father Time Soap:
Old Father Time was another Christmas favourite of mine so I grabbed some more before it disappears for another year!

Stardust Bath Bomb:
For some reason or another I never got around to picking up the Stardust bath bomb. I think perhaps the design seemed a little boring and vanilla sweet scents don't really appeal to me but it was half price so I grabbed one to try.

Yog Nog Soap :
I loved the Yog Nog scent but hated the greasiness of the bath bomb so I thought that the soap would be perfect for me.

How did you do was your Boxing Day Haul this year fellow Lushies? Let me know in the comments below. 

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