Monday, January 18, 2016

Lush Boxing Day Haul - The Review

After trying out all the products that I ordered in the Lush Boxing Day Sale I thought I'd give you a run down of what I loved and hated:
Frozen Bath Bomb
The Frozen bath bomb is a relatively new product inspired by the Disney movie. With scents of grapefruit and neroli, an enchanting blue colour and stunning silver lustre it looks like a magical snowstorm in the bath. I loved this one and will definitely be buying more in the future.

Snowman FUN
This was one of two FUN products I have bought recently along with the Santa FUN and although they are (as the name states) fun they don't really do a great job at any of their uses. In the bath they work ok as bubble bath but the bubble bars are much more bubbly. As a body wash they are awkward to use as if you grab a little bit to wash with it is difficult to use much like using the end of a bar of soap and again it doesn't foam that much and I also found that the red FUN almost stains the skin and you really have to work to wash it off. As a shampoo I found that it was very drying to my hair

Baked Alaska Soap
My slice of Baked Alaska soap does not look as beautiful as it does in the pictures on the Lush website but that does not bother me because it smells so amazing! Baked Alaska has a gorgeous citrusy grapefruit scent that is sure to wake you up in the morning.

Snowman Shower Jelly
I haven't bought shower jellies from Lush before as I always thought they'd be a bit difficult to keep hold of in the shower. I found this is the case a little but the Snowman Shower Jelly smells so good that I will definitely persevere with it. The Snowman is scented with bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils and smells absolutely divine. Not only does it smell good but it is super moisturising. What's more these jellies get surprisingly sudsy. I really didn't expect it to soap up that much but they really do!
First Snow Dusting Powder
Dusting powders is not a product I really use so First Snow is not the kind of thing I would have picked up if it wasn't part of the gift set I ordered. Having said that it is scented with gorgeous citrus of sweet orange and lime oils. For a powder this product is surprisingly moisturising and leave skin soft and silky with a subtle shimmer. The only downside of this powder is the scent is not very long lasting and with such a lovely scent you really want it to last!

Christingle Body Conditioner
I've heard people rave about this product but on first try I found it rather disappointing. The scent really does not appeal to me as it smells just like toothpaste and I didn't feel any of the tingling sensation described. I think perhaps I did not use enough of the product or rub it in long enough.
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Lush website describes the Fizzbanger as having apple and cinnamon scents but I found it to be quite citrussy. I loved the beautiful colours it created in my bath and the after scent that reminded me of Lord of Misrule a little.
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
This bath bomb arrived a little battered as you can see from the picture but it did not really detract from the beauty of the product. The pud bath bomb turns the bath water an array of rainbow colours and smells divine. This one is definitely on my list for next Christmas!

Stardust Bath Bomb
The Stardust was the most disappointing product of the haul for me but I kind of expected it to be as I'm not a huge fan of vanilla scented items. However it was not only the scent that was disappointing but the fact that visually this bomb does very little.  After it dissolves you are left with a slightly blue tinted water with white lustre and a scent which does not last very long at all!
Yog Nog Soap
I bought the Yog Nog soap because I loved the scent of the bath bomb but hated how greasy it was. Yog Nog has a gorgeous toffee like scent with an almost alcoholic undertone which perfectly matches the Christmas drink from which it derives its name. The soap has a beautiful creamy texture that feels lovely on the skin. Far from just sitting on the side of my handbasin this one if perfect for the shower. Thus soap smells good enough to eat!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
This was one of the free samples that the lovely people at Lush threw in for me to try and I just loved it. I used it on wet skin in the shower and found it was exfoliating without being to harsh on the skin and left my skin super soft and moisturised from the lovely oils in it. It also smells delicious. The tub states that you can also use this dry as a harsher scrub and I know some people that use it on their faces but with my ultra sensitive skin I wasn't brave enough to try this out. The tub also says that you can use this in your hair which I tried but really its not the best for hair. I found it clumped in my hair and you really have to work to wash it out and after my hair felt quite dry but for the skin I love this product!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb was not part of my boxing day sale buys it was actually part of my pre-Christmas haul but I hadn't tried it when I wrote the post about that shop so I just thought I'd tack it on the end here. Golden Wonder is definitely a Christmas fav of mine. his gorgeous golden lustered bomb  is scented like a citrus champagne cocktail and explodes in the bath to reveal a turquoise and deep blue center and gold stars

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