Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lush Valentines Order 2016

OK so this post is way overdue and I did consider not posting it but I wanted to share my opinion on some fab products. The Lush Australia valentines collections was a little bit of a disappointment as they only released four 5 items: The Kiss Lip Scrub, The Lovers Lamp bath bomb, The Unicorn Horn, Prince Charming Shower Gel (which I sadly missed out on) and the Roses All the Way Soap

I also ordered a few of the last of the sale items left from Christmas: Lord of Misrule Shower Scream (which I have reviewed before) the Parsley Porridge soap and Miranda soap.

I topped off my order with the Relax gift set which contains: Twilight Shower Gel, Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb and The French Kiss Bubble Bar.

The Kiss Lip Scrub is a lovely sweet  candy scented sugar scrub with little hearts in it. It is a lot softer consistency than the Santa's Lip Scrub which makes it a lot easier to use. This scrub is fantastic to help create the perfect pucker for all those valentines smooches.

The Unicorn Horn was a real pleasant surprise for me. Having not tried this product before I expected it to have a sickly sweet candy scent like snow fairy but it is actually a beautiful floral lavender scent. This is a new fave of my and I will definitely be snapping up more next year!

The Roses all the Way Soap was a lovely product but I am really not into rose scented products and this one is particularly strong so I think perhaps it is not for me!

The Lovers Lamp Bath bomb is one that I had heard a lot about from fellow Lushies. I heard that it has a chocolate orange scent but I found that the scent was quit weak and when it hit the water I could not detect the scent at all. It does create a beautiful display though releasing lovely confetti hearts into the water and cocoa butter heart that melt to make the skin silky smooth. The only downside to this was having to clean the greasy tub after.

The Miranda soap (pictured above) was not as pretty as the one in the picture but it does have a lovely almost kiwi like scent and feels silky on the skin!

The Parsley Porridge soap really was not for me. The idea of smelling like parsley is simply not appealing!

The Relax gift box is a new favourite of mine contain three of my new favourite products! 

The French Kiss bubble bar is a gorgeous lavender scent that helps lure you to sleep.

The Phoenix Rising bath bomb has a deliciously spicy cinnamon scent. This bomb is unique in that it is designed to sink to the bottom of the tub and then spring back up like the phoenix. It leaves the tub with a stunning purple and gold bathing experience.

The Twilight Shower Gel is my my favourite Lush product of all time. I just wish that Lush would make it a regular product. Twilight Shower Gel shares its scent with the Twilight bath bomb and is a beautiful blend of lavender, ylang, ylang and malt that will sooth you to sleep. This product really does smell amazing!

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