Saturday, August 22, 2009

Make do and Mend

I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps all week after having a mole removed from my back which left me in quite a bit of pain and gave me the added fustration of not being able to bend or strech and this has left me at a loss for things to do. My melancoly was lifted somewhat by the arival of two parcels.

The first being '1940's Hairstyles & Face You Can Do' which was sent by my lovely Mummy from Blighty after chatting to her about a recent hair dilema. In these days of emails and mobiles theres something quite nostalgic about receiving a handwritten letter that I adore.
The book was compiled by Keith Scales it includes instructions on how to dress and style your own hair in many different 1940s styles together with original 1940s articles on makeup application. I will be trying out some of the styles and will bring you the results in future blogs.

The second being 'Make Do and Mend' a reprint of a leaflet issued in the war by the ministry of information that I ordere from Ebay a few weeks ago and had completely forgotten about until it arrived in my postbox. It is “A delightful reminder of the techniques for household economies extolled by the wartime government. First published in 1943, all of the tips can be used to spruce up your wardrobe today. Old fashioned remedies for everything from washing silks and mending your clothes, to replelling the 'moth menace.”

Looking through this book has made me realise just how many skills we have lost over the years. My sewing knowledge is limited to turning up hems and sewing on buttons. In todays throw away culture clothes are just not made to last therefore we lack the skills that our grandmothers and great grandmothers would have needed to 'make do and mend' in wartime. However in with recession looming and being on somewhat of a budget myself I have decided to take it upon myself to learn some of these useful skills and decided to sign up for a dressmaking and knitting course. In future blogs I will bring news of my mission to 'make do and mend' so stay posted.

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