Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emma aime ... Faster Pussycat

I adore these Pussycat Cardigans by Faster Pussycat however being on a budget I dont have $89usd to spend on knitwear so I had a go at creating my own customised knitwear. I got these cardigans on sale at SES for $6.99 each and found the cute patches being sold by Ozzie Gold Digger on ebay for $7.50 each. So for just $14.49 per cardigan I have these cute winter woolies. I think thats a bargain!
How do you like them dear readers?... x


  1. Definitely a bargain, and might i add your swooping sparrows actually look far superior to the originals!


  2. I like the swooping sparrows ones and espically for such a good deal price. Nice!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments.I was quite chuffe how they turned out.