Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hair Saga Part 2

Just an update on my hair saga. I had my appointment on Thursday and I'm pretty happy with it. The hairdresser cut my fringe in a U-shape Bettie Page style bang and gave me useful tips on how to dry it so it keeps the shape. She then cut my hair and although she didnt cut it in a U shape at the back like the diagram suggests she did layer it through which means it holds the curl alot better.

Normally I curl my hair in hot rollers spraying it with setting lotion as I go and then leave it until the rollers are cold. When I used to do this the curl would drop and my hair would be straight within about 20 minutes. Now it seems to hold the curl pretty much all day so I'm really happy about that.

I got some pictures to show you. Excuse the terrible shots and me looking awfull these are before I've made up my face in the morning so I look pretty scary!

Rollers Out @ Emma aime

This is not as tight curls as I would have liked as I only have large hot rollers. I really should invest in some hot sticks. They make a great curl. When I have some time to spare (two or three hours lol!) I will pin curl it and post the results. I've not had great results with pincurling before though because my hair is sooo thick and it takes forever. Brushed Out @ Emma aime

This is after I brushed it out a bit. You can't tell from my awful photography but its kind of a pageboy style.

Overall I'm pretty happy but I think it might have turned out better if it was shaped properly at the bottom.

How do you like it dear readers? ... x


  1. It looks fantastic...

  2. Aww thanks so much. I'm rather inept at producing vintage styles. I think I need more practice!

  3. HI Im still a novice at this linking game, I have a an award for you . Just trying to work out how to link them all...Glama Ray passed it on to me, you are one of my chosen ten...

  4. Thank you! I'm delighted to be recieving an award espescially since I'm still relatively new to this blogging thing! To be honest I think you're the only one that reads my blog!
    Thanks again im chuffed! x