Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Santa...

This year please bring me:
*Gorgeous vintage inspired underwear - I especially like Wonderbra Satine Teese in red or a What Katie Did Glamour Longline Bra and Underbust Girdle
* An Anna Sui black beauty tray to keep my dressing table tidy
* A cute retro style hip flask so I don't have to keep pinching my hubby's one* A new camera so I don't keep taking such awful pictures for my blog.

Ive had my eye on the Samsung ST550 with its screen on the front for self portraits. At initial look it seems ideal for me to take outfit pics for my blog but when I really thought about it I figured that if I wanted to do self take full figure outfit shot then I would need the camera a bit far away to be able to see the little screen on the front clearly.
What do you want in your stocking dear readers? ... x

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