Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Hair Saga

I'm having a slight hair dilema at the moment. It seems there are no vintage hairdressers in Australia (or at least I can't find any). It seems I am not the only one with this problem as fellow blogger Super Kawaii Mama has blogged about exactly the same thing.

I'm looking to get the long length style from the 1940's hairtyle book by Daniela Turudich. I'm envisioning something Rita Hayworth-esque with a Bettie Page fringe. I went to my local hairdressers and spoke to one hairdresser and gave her the cutting diagram that my mum (who trained as a hairdresser) assured me any decent hairdresser should understand and somen photos of the style. The hairdresser could not make any sense of the cutting diagram and when I showed her the picture and explained that the hair is cut in a U shape at the back she assured me it is cut straight and just set into a U shape even though the cutting diagram shows 0therwise. So I am slightly dubious about getting my hair cut.
Emma's before hair @ Emma aimeHowever my hair is getting ridiculously long being as I grows about half an inch a month so I figure if it doesn't turn out right it really wont take long to grow out and my search for a hairdresser will continue. My appointments on Thursday so I will blog results after then.

Wish me luck dear readers ... x


  1. I know what you mean the only reliable hairdresser is some one from that era, but their hands would be to shaky...Yes it does have to be cut u shaped, not across...Mine is u shaped...Good luck

  2. Rita sure was beautiful - wish I had that hair...your's looks thick enough to pull of the Rita-do!

    Love your blog! Thx for the Lemonade Stand I post something on my blog? I'll read the directions. ;-)