Sunday, January 31, 2010

Emma aime ...

I adore the 1940's and 50's pin up style clothing but often find that repro pieces can be on the expensive side and having no sewing skills whatsoever unfortunately I can't make my own. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Chicstar have some wonderful pieces for sale and the prices are amazingly low. I especially adore this Vintage Sailor Pencil Cotton Dress which bear remarkable resemblance to the Betty Page Clothing Captain Pencil Dress but for a fraction of the price

Chicstar also offer budding designers the chance to submit their designs. If the designs are accepted you receive a free prototype of the item of clothing and if the design is put into production you get $500 credit!

Chicstar have many gorgeous items that I covet and once I have some spare pennies I will place an order with them. Here are the items I want!

Check out for fashion at fabulous prices dear readers ... x


  1. OMG! Love it! There's loads of dresses that were triple the price on Ebay or other websites.Lot's of Stop String style dresses and they are ludicrously expensive.I've found a new addiction :D x

  2. I know how great is this website! When i found it i felt like i'd discovered my own great treasure chest. I was gonna be mean and keep it for myself but I thought I should share! Plus run a promotion where if you promote certain items on blogs ect they will send you them free!! x

  3. Wow, they have a lot of cute dresses! I'm off to check out the site! Thanks!!

  4. You're welcome Ms. B! Happy shopping! x