Monday, February 1, 2010

My Resolutions - Update for January

Frangipani @ Emma aime A Frangipani flower in the Chinese Garden, Sydney taken by me

OK so we're a month into 2010 now! January has flown by so quickly and I seem to have spent a large proportion of the month sick or in pain of some kind or another. This has left me feeling quite tired and demotivated. I don't really feel I've achieved much towards my resolutions yet. So lets review:

Take more risks in life - Well I haven't really done much towards this one yet. Although Simon has started teaching me how to snorkel which is huge for me because just a few months ago I wouldn't even swim in the sea. I have had a couple of encounters with jellyfish but avoided being stung. I've decided I'm going to try a extreme sport or experience every month so this month will be out paragliding trip which we are yet to have booked date for so I will have to do two in February to make up for it!

Reach my goal weight - At new year I was 63kg. Ive lost 2kg this month which brings me down to 61kg and a BMI of 24. I've just 4kg to lose to get to my ideal BMI and once I do this its just a matter of maintaining it.

Study Childcare - I've borrowed the Purple Fairy's notes and books as she took the Tafe childcare diploma and have been reading up and have joined the library so I can get more books out on the subject.

Continue to grow this blog - Well lets see I have posted some pictures of me this year! I also wrote my first advertorial which is important to me because it show that company's believe that enough people read my blog to make it a good advertising space for them. However there are still a lot of things that I have not yet posted such as my Halloween picture from last year!

How are you're resolutions going dear readers ... x

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