Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Sales?

Hello dear readers
First an apology, sorry my posts have been a little few and far between the past few weeks. My younger sister has been over from England for the last three weeks so we have been busy seeing the sights and many of Sydney's beautiful beaches and one not so nice one (ahem Bondi ahem!)

By some terrible bad planning on my part we found ourselves in the QVB on the first day of the January Sales and the place was absolutely crazy! Some shops even had people queueing outside to come in and grab up some bargains.

My sister being a bit of a fashionista wanted to hit the sales so I took her to our local Westfield.
I hate going to the mall at the best of times as I get claustrophobic in large crowds but this was just horrendous.

Being on somewhat of a budget I stick to the high street shops looking for some bargains.This year I was disappointed to say the least and in some stores frankly horrified at the hideous items that were supposedly on sale. A lot of the pieces I wouldn't take if they were given to me.

The high street stores seem to be awash with 80's style fashions, tiny skirts and ugly neon singlets and every shop could be any other as all these shops seem to sell exactly the same things. There seems to be no diversity whatsoever! I just about remember the 80s the first time round and it was bad enough then so I can't really comprehend why someone would want to bring this look back!

I did manage to find one item that was worth buying. In Jay Jays I came across a pair of high waisted denim shorts that aren't hideously short like most around these days for $20! I plan to pair them up with either a 50s style shirt that ties at the waist or a gypsy style top. I will bring you pictures!

And so dear readers I ask if you do know any high street chains or shops in the Sydney area that do the style of clothes I like (that being 40's and 50's style) at reasonable prices please let me know! As for the time being I'm feeling very disenchanted and don't want to see another mall in a long time!

Happy shopping dear readers ... x


  1. I also hate large shopping area's...Give me a back street charity shop any day...Happy New Year...

  2. I too can't stand the after the holiday 'sales' and mall madness. I avoid it all costs! I'm happy to hear that you found at least one nice piece of clothing :) Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing your new frocks! Hope your new year is off to a great start dahhling =D