Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve. Mine was a great night and I had the hangover this morning to go with it! Above is a picture of me last night. I did curl my hair in hot rollers but with Sydney's blasted humidity it dropped in about 10 minutes so I'm looking a bit frazzled.
Now I'm feeling like a human being again I have been thinking about my resolutions for 2010. I want this years resolutions to be fun and rewarding and not feel like a task so I'm not going to push myself to hard or judge to harshly like I have in previous years. So these are the resolutions I have come up with:

1. Take more risks in life - I won't be jumping out of moving vehicles any time soon but I tend to err on the side of caution with most things in my life and I'm not really one to try new things. This year I'm going to try more new things. I've already started this one in a sense as my hubby is currently teaching me to snorkel. It's been a mixed success so far as I don't like swimming underwater and I feel claustrophobic in the mask but i will persevere. The hubby and I also have a paragliding trip booked that should be great fun!

2. Reach my goal weight - The hubby and I got Wii Fit Plus as a Christmas present and its great fun! I lost 20kg last year which brings my BMI from the overweight into the ideal range but this year I'm going to work on getting an ideal BMI of 22.

3. Study Childcare - Although I can't do my childcare diploma this year I can get the textbooks and start reading up to improve my knowledge ready for when I take the course next year.

4. Continue to grow this blog - This year I will bring you more blogs on a whole range of exciting subjects. I promise there will be more photos as I have a better camera now although to be honest I am rather camera shy and I hate the way I look in pictures! I also promise to bring updates of things I have promised to put in my blog and then promptly forgotten such as the picture of my Halloween costume from last year that I still haven't posted!

Whats your resolutions for 2010 dear readers ... x

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