Saturday, February 27, 2010


Apologies dear readers
I did promise to bring you an outfit post and news of my new hair product yesterday but I had an awful night sleep and was exhausted yesterday so I definitely wasn't photographable. I certainly don't want to be scaring you off!
I will tell you now though the hair product I found in Magnamail were these strange little pin curling devices called Spoolies. I did try them out on Thursday night but much to my frustration I couldn't get them to stay in my hair. They just kept unwinding themselves. I tried with various thicknesses of hair but I couldn't get the darned things to stay in. I won't discount them yet though as I am rather useless with hairstyling and my hair is desperately in need of a cut. Something that my lovely Mum is going to do when she comes over in a week and a bit! So I will probably ask her to give me a hand with the Spoolies. I will say this for them though the pieces of hair that were in them can out in a lovely curl so i think if i can get them to stay in long enough they will do a good job of creating a pin curled effect.

As for my outfit post as I said i had very little sleep on Thursday night so Friday morning I woke up looking like a zombie. Never a good look in a photograph. Friday morning in Sydney was a bit of a chilly one so I donned a little red pinafore dress that has a sort of 60s style to it and popped a black short sleeved roll neck underneath. I topped it of with my red beret and my cute red pumps i picked up in Target for the bargain price of $5! I promise i will recreate this outfit at some point soon to bring you the photos. In the meantime ...

Have a great weekend dear readers ... x

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