Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is there anybody out there?

Hello dear readers...
Its seems a while since I've posted anything but fear not tomorrow I will bring you a Daily Outfit post and a hair post for a new product I discovered at Magnamail (of all places!) For anyone who doesn't know Magnamail is a mail order catalogue - the kind your Granny probably loves but in amongst the bunion relievers and safety stools are hidden some real gems! Anyway more about that tomorrow.

For the time being I'm looking for fellow bloggers who blog about the same kind of things that I do that are located in Sydney. It seems Melbourne has the monopoly on vintage fashion inspired blogs with the likes of Super Kawaii Mama, Alice Jean's, Esme and the Laneway, Gatsby and Me and They'd Have Called Me Bar Nothing all hailing from there. I'm starting to think I'm living in the wrong city! So if anyone is or knows of like minded bloggers from Sydney please let me know!

Happy blogging dear readers ... x


  1. Hurm, I can't think of any blogger I follow that hail from Sydney... Do you often see people dressing in vintage in your city? Melbourne always feels a little more receptive to that kind of fashion, perhaps that's why we have more bloggers here. I hope for your sake that you find some!

  2. Hi Miss Emmi,
    I don't really see people around the city dressed in a vintage style. There are a few vintage fairs that I havent got around to going to yet though so I will look out for people there.
    If all else fails i'll pack my bags for Melbourne. I haven't yet visited but it looks like a beautiful city. x

  3. Hey Emma

    There is a great Flea market in Surry Hills first Sat of each month which just happens to be this weekend! Cnr Crown & Fouveau {not sure I've spelt that correctly!} Thanks for your comment on my blog BTW!