Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pubs and Pin ups

It was a miserable morning today so the hubby and I decided to take the new car for a drive through the Royal National Park and stopping off at the Scarborough Hotel for a spot of lunch. Although the weather was a complete washout it was still a beautiful drive and the scenery that we could see through the mist was stunning
When we arrived home I found a parcel waiting for me and opened it to discover it was the Burlesque for Beginners DVD I had ordered from Ministry of Burlesque last week.

The DVD is introduced by the divine Kittie Klaw and includes 90 minutes of tuition and tips for budding burlesque performers.
The DVD features an introduction to burlesque and sections on:
  • Posing like a pin up
  • How to shimmy
  • Glove removal
  • How to make tassels
  • How to tassel twirl
  • How to make a fascinator
  • How to fan dance

This is the first instruction burlesque DVD I've ordered so I've nothing compare it to but I was a little disappointed with this DVD. The picture and sound qualities were not great and this was especially noticeable with demonstrations given by Gypsy Charms and Viva Misadventure. Viva's mic seemed louder than Gypsy's and it was a little distracting. As for the demonstrations themselves they were great and very informative. My only criticism was that the girls tried a little to hard to be humorous and sometimes it came off a little awkward.

I loved the "How to make" sections with Ruby Rouge. Ruby makes it simple to make some gorgeous items and I will certainly be trying these out for myself. I also love the sections Kitty Klaw presented. She seemed very relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Kitty's introduction to Burlesque explains the root of Burlesque and how it evolved but for me it was a bit short and not very in depth although famous burly stars like Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally Rand's names are mentioned not very much information is given on the big burlesque stars that helped mould burlesque.

Overall I think the DVD gives a god general basis for beginners just discovering burlesque but for me it left me a little disappointed and wanting more.For any readers in Blighty Gyspy Charms and Visa Misadventure run MOB's Burlesque Academy .

Why not take a class and become burlesque belles dear readers ... x


  1. You should check out the fetish expo/sexpo, if they have one near you - they typically have a stand offering information on burlesque lessons and studios in the area. I know there's a fan dancing course I've been meaning to take for the longest time!

  2. Sounds good i'll look it up online!