Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Resolutions - February Update

I just realised I haven't yet done the update for my new years resolutions for February so here it is:

Take more risks in life - I have been pretty shoddy with this resolution. The hubby and I still haven't booked the paragliding as he is very busy with college and working 3 jobs! This means I now have three activities that I have to complete in this category to catch up with myself. I have been looking at a few activities though. A few that caught my eye are trapeze classes and white water rafting.

Reach my goal weight - At last weigh in I was 60kg this was a little while ago though so I may have lost a bit more since then. However I do have to admit I've been a bit naughty with the food I've been eating recently and with my Mum and Step Dad coming out for March I'm not likely to get better any time soon. It is something i will try to keep an eye on though.

Study Childcare - After getting a huge stack of notes from the Purple Fairy last month I have been slowly but surely wadding my way through them, making copies of some and making my own notes about others. I have covered 4 or 5 topics but I still have about 10 more I think so it will keep me busy for a few months to come.

Continue to grow this blog - I finally posted my Halloween picture from last year! wohooo!!! I have also done a few more outfit posts of late and thanks to my blogs singing their praises Chicstar have sent me a free dress!

Have your resolutions lasted into March dear readers?

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