Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shabby Chic and Sewing Feats

http://www.rockinbclothing.comMy Mum, Stepdad and I headed to the monthly Vintage by Sea Market in Cronulla today. I didn't have any pennies to spend so typically I saw loads of gorgeous thing I wanted to buy. I saw a fab pair of fan shaped deco earrings, a few brooches and some handbags that would now be mine if I had some money. My mum did treat me to a cute sundress that I will probably wear on Friday when I meet up with the girlies so I will post some pics then. Friday is also my Mummy Birthday (the big 5-0!) so we're going to A Velvet Affair at The Supper Club in Darlinghurst.

The hubby (thats him looking handsome above) and my Stepdad headed over to Olympic Park in the afternoon to play at being Robin Hood (that's archery to you and me!) so my Mum and I set up the sewing machine I borrowed from the Italian fairy and my superstar Mummy managed to get all my clothes taken in so I now have something to wear. Now we've mastered the machine we're going to attempt a couple of pencil skirts next week. I've had my eye on this one by Pinup Couture for a while and it shouldn't be too hard to recreate. Unfortunately the Black Vintage Pencil dress that I bought a few weeks back is just too big and too long in the bodice and we would have to take the whole dress apart and reconstruct it to make it fit me correctly so it will be going on Ebay this week.

Have a good weekend dear readers ... x


  1. I thought the suitcase looked familiar then I realized it was my friend Jess's work,she does cute stuff doesn't she!?

  2. Oh really! It is gorgous! Do you have a link to her website so I can give proper credit for the photo. I shamelessly stole it from google photos. x

  3. here is her site,her clothing line is still in progress

    her deviant site where you can browse her gallery