Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ed Wood and Angora

Well dear readers the rain is still pouring in Sydney and I still have a horribly persist ant cold that refuses to go so as a result of this I have spent most of the week snuggled up at home with a cup of tea watching movies. Only venturing out when I really need to. These grey skies are turning me into a regular sadsack!

This week I watched Ed Wood, the comedy-drama biopic by Tim Burton and staring Johny Depp in the tittle role as cult filmmaker Edward D Wood Jr. The film portrays they period in his life when he made his best-known films as well as his relationship with actor Bella Lugosi.

I just loved this movie! It seemed to me that Burton filmed it in the same zany style that Ed Wood adopted for his movie. Johnny Depp was fabulous as the kooky and eternally optimistic filmmaker. The film also concentrates in Ed's fetish for transvestism and angora sweaters.
It is believed that Wood's mother, Lillian, always wanted a girl and would sometimes, until he was about 12 years old, dress her son in skirts and dresses. For the rest of his life, Wood was a heterosexual cross dresser. His wife Kathy O'Hara and others recall that Wood's transvestism was not a sexual inclination, but rather a neomaternal comfort derived mainly from angora fabric. Angora was regularly featured in his films.

Watching the movie made me long for my own angora sweater to keep the chill away on these cold winter days. I love the way that Sarah Jessica Parker's character Dolores Fuller wears her angora sweater teamed up with a fierce looking bullet bra and black pencil skirt.
Its also a look that sported by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson in The Black Dahlia
This is how I'll be sporting my angora sweater this winter:

I recently purchased this gorgeous angora sweater on eBay for just 99 pence! You can find fabulous vintage knitting patterns at the Vintage Knitting Lady or you can purchase this fab book entitled A Stitch In Time : Vintage knitting and crochet patterns 1920-1949, Vol. 1

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