Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Round Up of the Week

Hello dear readers
It seems ages since I've properly blogged although it was just Thursday! I feel as if my posts have not really been very substantial over the last few weeks or so. This change in weather over the last couple of weeks has left Sydney feeling very wintry and as a result left me a little depressed. I also managed to pick up a niggling little cold which is just a bit annoying so I haven't really felt up to much this week. Most of my week has been spent snuggling on the sofa with a warm blanket and a gargantuan cup of tea watching movies.

I did finally get around to ordering my wedding dress though. Unfortunately I have a horrible feeling I ordered an 8 instead of a 10 so i may have to drop a dress size to fit into it but that shouldn't pose too much of a problem. The hubby and I have been gorging ourselves on chocolate, cakes and biccies recently and I've stayed a size 10 so I think my weight has finally settled back to what I used to be before the onset of PCOS.
So here's a sneak peek of my dress. Luckily my hubby doesn't read my blog so I can post it. It is sort of 1940s tea dress inspired made by UK store Marks and Spencer but I got it on eBay for just $60! The hubby and I have been planning our wedding trip/honeymoon this week which is quite exciting as it feels more real now that were actually getting married!
Yesterday was Lil Miss Piggy's 4th birthday so after working at the creche in the morning I headed over to their house to help set up for the party. The hubby arrived around 2 with the gorgeous cake he made. Unfortunately I forgot take my camera to the party so the only piccie I have of the cake is this one that I took on my phone so its not the best pic!
I wore my bunny outfit that I mentioned in the post about the trots but again forgot to get photos! So i promise I will reconstruct the outfit and do an outfit post when I'm feeling a bit better. I managed to locate some ultra cute pink shoes similar to Wittners Japan ones for sale on EBay shop Australian Designers Direct. They're made by I love Billy and were a steal at $35 although I have noticed that unfortunately they've got a bit scuffed already. The outside of them is synthetic so i guess this was bound to happen. Weirdly though the inside is leather! I'm not sure what I'll be able to do about getting rid of the scuffs as they're a rather funky shade of pink and I'm not sure that i can get shoe polish in this colour! I was also informed that they sell the same style of shoes in blue so they could be perfect for my Alice costume for the upcoming Unbirthday Party!
As for today well there is a huge book sale on at our local library (details in the calendar above) so we may pop down there but we'll see how the hubby feels when he gets in from work and if i feel up to braving the cold. It may just be another lazy day with tea and movies!

Next week we're going to the Comedy Festival Showcase at The Comedy Store so I will post about that. I'm also hoping to go to our local Camellia Gardens and Tea House if we get a break in all this rain! I will also bring you a fab recipe for an immune system boosting soup that I have been shoveling down in the hope it will help get rid of this cold!

On a separate note I've just realised that I haven't posted my New Years Resolution updates for this month. I've come to the decision that I going to stop this section of my blog as I have completed 3 out of the 4 resolutions that I set for myself and as for the "take more risks in life" resolution I seem to have failed miserably due to lack of time and/or money so this is probably the resolution I will set for myself next year.

Have a great weekend dear readers ... x


  1. That's a really elegant dress!

  2. The weather has been terrible here and its so strange just how much it can effect your mood! Love those pink shoes, I'm sure they would perk anyone up.

  3. It is weird how grey skies leave you feeling gloomy. Your're right though my new shoes did brighten my day!