Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lah De Da Bazaar

I was delighted to open my inbox on Thursday and find this fab invite to the grand opening of Lah De Dah Bazaars:

"Lah De Da Bazaar is the perfect spot for all fashion hunters and avid fashionistas to discover the hidden talents of our local fashion labels.

Ruffle your fashion feathers and get a good peek into a treasure trove of dazzling vintage finery. Let your eyes dance amongst the exquisite garments and accessories presented on our mini runways .

Lah de da is a crossroads between unique vintage and local labels – a dedication to the dedication to supporting young and ‘unseen’ Australian designers. The bazaar is dazzling place for the local labels to show their amazing craftsmanship to the fashion community and mingle with the vintage labels.

Overall, the bazaar was created to unite ‘old’ and ‘new’, into one romantic place for all to enjoy!

Lah de da is nestled in the beautiful heritage listed building of Biero Bar located in the cosy 525 Little Lonsdale and Williams Street, only a few steps away from Flagstaff Garden Station.

On top of that, kick back your Sunday Shoes and spend it by tasting beers in Biero Bar with their fine choice of beers from around the world, accompanied by chilled beats of our fine dj’s to fill your ear drums whilst selecting scrumptious food from the Biero Bar menu.

Now, close yours eyes and get excited to be a part of the perfect hunting grounds for a good fashion bargain. "

Lah De Da will be held on the first Sunday of every month and looks like a fab event. Unfortunately I have neither the time or money to get to Melbourne at the moment but when I do I will be sure to time it so I can head to Lah De Da. For all you lucky Melbournians (is this a word?!) be sure to check it out. You can find more details on Lah De Da's Facebook page.

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