Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily Outfit: Featuring Heydays French Navy Trousers

After spotting these gorgeous Heyday French Navy trousers on Fleur de Guerre's blog Diary of a Vintage Girl I just had to grab a pair for myself so I quickly emailed Heyday to see how I could get my hands on a pair. I had a very quick response from the lovely and ever so helpful Nancy who very efficiently sorted out sizing, payments etc and got them in the post for me.

I received them yesterday and was absolutely delighted with them. They are fantastic quality and fit (unlike some red ones I ordered from Vivien of Holloway that I was so disappointed with I didn't bother to blog about them!)
French Navy trousers - Heyday -£40
White top -
SES - $9.95
Red Scarf -
Rock n Roll Dancewear - $10
White ballet flats -
Kmart - $5

So here's the results! I have had problem with this style of trousers being to long in the body in the past as I am only a shorty at 5ft 2" but these fitted perfectly. They were also not to long in the leg so I don't have to adjust them like I normally have to with trousers. Although having said that Heyday do offer a fantastic adjustments service when you buy their trousers for just an extra £5 which personally i think is a fab deal.

And so dear readers I cannot recommend Heyday enough for their excellent service and fab quality clothes.

P.S If Fleur happens to read my blog (which I don't think she does :o( ) sorry I nabbed you pic without permission!
P.P.S Please excuse my terrible hair in this pic. I'm getting it permed on Wednesday so it should look a lot better from then on!

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  1. Ohh Lovely, thanks for posting about the trousers Emma! I am glad you like them.
    Just a wee correction, the alteration price is £10 (I am not sure where £5 came from) - I just didn't want anyone getting disappointed out there! Also, as I am waiting on the pics these trousers are not yet up on the website, but will be next week. Or, do what you did and contact us by email and we can sort it out!
    Enjoy your trousers!