Friday, July 16, 2010

Filofax Fun

As you may know I am a bit of an organisation freak. I love making lists and have lists for everything from everyday menial tasks like shopping and errands to lists of books to read and lists of my future plans for where I imagine myself 5 years from now! I was using my phone to log all the lists and future appointments but I have been finding it hard to keep track of my various appointments, work shifts and matching my schedule to my hubby's to try and find out when we have free time to spend together.

So when I came across Gala's post A Filofax Love Affair! a light bulb flicked in my brain and I quickly dug out my old Breast Cancer Campaign Pink Pocket Filofax. These retail relatively cheaply for just £23.00 and the good news is this money is helping a worthwhile charity!
I then set about organising my Filofax but I found when it came to buying inserts some were a little pricey and didn't really cover what I needed so I set about making my own. Filofax Pocket paper size is 8.26cm wide by 12.07cm height. You need to insure you leave a 1cm border on the left hand side to account for the holes and a 0.5cm border around the rest of the page. After I had made my pages and printed them out I cut them to size and using the Filofax hole punch I bought from eBay I punched them and now I have pages for anything I can possibly conceive needing. All my lists and information is safely stored in one place and its easily portable. It also means that I can just look at my diary pages at a quick glance and see what free time I have!

David Mckay on his Organised Life site talks about the benefits of shunning technology and going back to a paper organiser system and I have to say so far mine is working out a treat!

So don't delay dear readers go back to paper today ... x

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  1. hey there, just came across your blog. i have a filofax too! nothing beats having everything written down in front of you :) im an organisational freak too