Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Easy Hairstyle and New Eyes!

I have been playing with some quick and easy hairstyles that I can do quickly before rushing out to work this week in an attempt to tame my out of control perm and came up with this. Unfortunately the style doesn't really show up in black hair on camera very well but its very easy to do and has a sort of vintagey feel to it.

It is a very easy style to achieve all you have to do is part the hair wherever you normally do. For me this is to one side. Then starting with the hair that is closest to the part at the front (in my case my bangs) twist the hair backwards and work down the head until you get to the nape of the neck then secure with a hair band. I put a hair comb in the top to secure it a bit more as my hair is quite thick and I had quite a few short ends from my bangs that I am trying to grow out.

You can do this style on both sides of the head or just one and secure the hair in any way you want be it a ponytail at the back or side, pigtails a bun or french pleat. The possibilities are limitless!

I've also been tyring out new eye shadow colours this week after picking up a cheap palette of 48 different colours on eBay. Normally I stick to just browns and greys but I've got a bit bored of the same old same old so Ive been looking for something a bit different. I love this cut girly pink. Its a kinda pinupy look! Please excuse my horrendous eyebrows they desperately need plucking but I'm a wuss when it comes to doing them so I'm psyching myself up for it!

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