Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mad Men is Back!

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!Mad Men season 4 started in July 25th for all you lucky American viewers. Unfortunately us poor Aussies have to wait a little longer but luckily I managed to track down and view the first episode online. For anyone wanting a sneak preview of whats to come here's what you missed!

The episode is set in 1964 and starts with Don being interviewed for an article on him and the new Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency. Don with his mentality that Midwesterners don't like to talk about themselves bungles the interview and ends up coming across as arrogant.He also fails to talk about the brands that the agency represent and as a result almost loses their contract with Glo-Coat. Bert Cooper and the other partners get sight of the article and call a meeting with Don whereby Don asks: "What am I supposed to say anyway? My work speaks for me." and is met firmly by Bert Cooper's "Turning creative success into business IS your work. And you failed."
With the agency struggling and almost no budget for media Pete and Peggy come up with a publicity stunt to get some free advertising for their client, Sugarberry Ham. They hire two 'actresses' to fight over a ham but this results in one of them pressing charges on the other for assault so Peggy has to go to Don for bail money. Don hands over the money but reprimands Peggy for not clearing the stunt with him first.

Once Don realises he can use the skills he possesses to turn the interview into a pitch for the company he sets up a second meeting this time with the Wall Street Journal and sells them the story of how the new agency came about.

On the personal front Don is living in a small apartment in Town while Betty and Henry are now married and living in the Draper house. Sally is having trouble adjusting to their new life and causes a stir at Henry's mothers house when the go for Thanks giving lunch. Betty's reprimand of Sally causes Henry's Mum to think that the children are frightened of Betty and she disapproves of Henry and Betty's marriage.

This was a great start to the new season and I can't wait to see the next episode!

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