Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Emma Did - 25th July 2010

To be honest this week has been rather uneventful. What with the cold weather and very long hours worked and at college for the hubby we've both not felt up to doing much so the list this week will be rather short so I apologise now. Next week should look a little better especially since tomorrow is my blogs 1st Birthday so look out for a special giveaway coming your way.

This week I have been:

Becoming obsessed with Zynga's new game Frontierville (I know its sad!)
Shopping for wedding night lingerie with the Purple Fairy
Having more electrical issues with both our laptop and fridge freezer playing up!
Trying to tame my crazy perm and coming up with a quick new hairstyle
Playing with some new eyeshadow colours after getting bored of greys and browns
Staying in out of the cold and wet and watching Ross Noble DVDs with the hubby (we'd be fools to ourselves not to!)
Trying to find a new matte rose pink lipstick colour (any suggestions?)

and to be honest that's about it!

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