Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Outfit - 80's does 50's

On Sunday the Hubby and I were heading over to a friends for a birthday lunch so I decided to wear my new 80's does 50s dress and I finally got around to taking some pics. The dress is the one I got from eBay a few months back. I mentioned it in my What Emma Did section on 4th July. I was going to wait until I had received the shoes I ordered on my birthday but its over a month later and I still haven't received them so I gave in and wore my cute pink shoes from I Love Billy. These are the shoes I wanted to wear with the outfit. Fingers crossed they'll turn up soon. Dress - EBay
Cardigan - SES Fashion


  1. You look fantastic! I love that style. If I could I would wear such clothes and haircut all the time but here where I live it's somehow...impossible...the people aren't tolerant enough...it's a pity...you have to adapt to the others, look like them all...
    I love your outfit! Thanks for posting! :-)))

  2. Looking good! Love the dress x

  3. Thanks guys for your lovely comments
    Joe - forget what other people think! dress in whatever style makes you happy.