Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Emma Did: 1st August 2010

This week I have been:

Celebrating the lovely Charlotte Rose's Birthday
Watching Toy Story 3 with the hubby
Cutting my bangs then having doubts about them
Being woken up by my noisy new neighbours and as a result spending the week constantly exhausted
Booking myself on a Learn Love Your Sewing Machine course
Taking walks down by the sea with the hubby
Getting through my list of the 50 films to see before you die from the 101 things to do before you die book

1 comment:

  1. Haven't seen toy story yet but I really must - and I've been taking lots of walks by the water with my fiance, the weather has been fabulous!

    I've signed up to the Opera House emails now so I know when people are coming. I've also signed up to various other places (state theatre etc) too so that I don't miss out on shows I might want to see :)