Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily outfit: Fun Summer Dresses

Last Sunday the hubby and I headed into the city to go to see the Noir Review. The show was at 5pm which felt like a bit of a weird time to see a burlesque show so I wasn't sure what to wear. I would have felt a little weird in evening wear at this time of day so I went for this!
50s style star dress - Primark
Polka dot cardigan - New Look
Shoes - Target
Belt - New Look
Lipstick - 'Poppy' by DB for Priceline

As it happens I needn't have worried about what I wore as the event was pretty much anything goes. Some people were dressed up t the nine in vintage style evening wear, others looked like they'd just walked in off the street in jeans, trainers and hoodies!

And for the show itself. The performers were just fabulous. The show really had a smokey film noir feel to it. The girls ranged from dangerous dames planning how to knock off a husband to a desperate housewife who just couldn't leave her man. I especially loved the gorgeous peacock fan performance and the fabulous Kelly Ann Doll's trapeze hoop performance. Her beautiful poses literally made me gasp with wonder and delight. Each act was broken up by the divine crooning of the fabulous Chantal.

The only downfall of the show was that being as it was in a theatre (rather than a bar where most of the burlesque shows I've seen in the past have been staged) the atmosphere was a little stunted. The audience weren't your usually whooping, hollering and wolf whistling burlesque crowd. Even when the girls tried their best to whip some appreciation from the audience the best they got was a polite applause at the end of each act and believe me the girls where fab they deserved alot more. The theatre setting did complement the Noir reviews sultry feel though!

A more comprehensive review of the show can be found at the Sydney Fringe Festival blog page unFRINGEd.

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