Thursday, October 28, 2010

Missing Mad Men

Now I've finished watching season 4 of Mad Men I've had to try to find new ways to get my Mad Men fix until season 5 starts. Granted it will give me enough time to get my girl crush on the gorgeous Christina Hendrix under control but what else is to be done? Well...

You can always check out AMC's Mad Men website where you can find downloads, games and trivia. You can even Mad Men Yourself and make your own Mad Men cartoon character in your image.

The fab guys at Jib Jab have made this cute video that u can place yourself in.
Head over to Parade and take the Mad Men trivia quiz

Check out this cartoon: Try to work out if the Mad Men are secretly X-Men:
Bone up on your science with the Mad Men periodic table

Or why not check out the fantastic Mad Men: The Illustrated World by Dyna Moe available at Amazon for $10.20. I have mine on order already!


  1. This is great! I'm going through Mad Men withdrawal as well, never have I even been so attached to a television show.