Friday, October 29, 2010

Got the Blues

OK dear readers I did want to keep this out of my blog because I don't want to bring my sad mood into the blog but I'm sure readers will realise that my posts in the last few weeks have been few are far between. Well the truth is I got the blues. The hubby and I have not been seeing each other much recently as he had both work and college work experience on his plate. We're used to spending alot of time together so the last month or so has been really tough. I'm finding it hard to get out of this funk.

I've been spending the last few weeks trying to fill my time and keeping busy to keep my mind of missing the hubby but it seems the blues have been creaping back into my life. Ive been listening to the blues, wearing blue, whatever next... I feel like some down and out dame in a film noir movie!

So my question to you dear readers is what do you do to ward off the blues?

Personally I've decided to plan a day out when the hubby finishes college to celebrate. I'm thinking we'll go to Luna Park because although we've been in Sydney for 2 years we still havent visited. I love fun fairs for the sense of childlike wonder they give. We're also planning a holiday to Orlando to do all the theme parks but that probably wont happen for a couple of years.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this fab bit of blues:


  1. Awwwww hon,hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.I know where you're coming from.The Scotsman and I are lucky to see each other once a week,and today will be about a fortnight since we've seen each other.

    This coupled with SAD,homesickness and the winter blues makes not a happy bunny :( The only things I can recommend are keeping busy.I'm cooking more,going to the gym,having 'date days' with myself and just totally treating myself.And of course little things like painting my nails and wearing frangipanis always cheer me up and brighten up these bleak Scottish days.

    Seeing as in you're in my hometown....the things I USED to do would be:a day out in Newtown,window shopping with aq nice cup of coffee ina wee homely cafe - same goes for Glebe.Check out the Glebe or Bondi markets.A day out at Bronte or Coogee beach or a day trip to Kiama.

    Hope you shake the blues soon.xoxo

  2. Thanks Miss Franjipani for the fab ideas its nice to know someone out there knows how I feel!! It actually makes me feel like a bit of a whinging pom considering I get to see my man alot more than you and the scotsman! I feel for you! xx