Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Emma Did - 17th October 2010

This week has been yet another quiet week. With the hubby busy with work and work experience for college we have very little time together and the little time we do have the hubby just wants to kick back and relax which is understandable considering how much he's working but all this work makes for an unadventurous life and very little to blog about. Anyway this week I have been:

Sorting through my hundreds of books and selling off those I no longer read to make more room in our bijou unit.
Missing out on yet another
Sydney Vintage Clothing Fair after both of us were just way too tired to attend.
Planning my 60's outfit for a party in a few weeks.
Craving Pad Thai and after a very disappointing one vowing to learn to cook my own.
Being laughed at on the train for what I am wearing by a bunch of schoolkids!
Finally seeing the latest Sex and the City movie and being a little disappointed but finding Carie less annoying than I found her in the first movie.
Planning a romantic day together for Monday as the hubby has a rare day off!

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