Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Emma Did - 7th November 2010

This week I have been:

Shopping for new bras with the hubby
Tie dying a dress with food colouring and failing (it all washed out!)
Watching The Last Airbender with the hubby.
Going shopping for a costume with the Italian fairy for her hubby's 50th birthday party
Seeing the girlies for drinks on Friday
Going out to Sunday lunch with the family.
Planning the cake I'm making for my nephews birthday.


  1. Hey Emma - food colour will only dye nylon and wool, but you have to use vinegar (or citric acid) to set the dye... For cotton/poly fabric try Landscape dyes or Rit ;) x

  2. thanks bex I learn this the hard way and gave my friends a laugh at my expense in the process lol! x