Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Bookworm Presents: Mad Men - The Illustrated World

After posting about it way back in October I finally got my copy of Dyna Moes Mad Men: The Illustrated World. I loved Dyna Moe's art work ever since I stumbled across Mad Men yourself on AMC's website.

The book includes:
• The office culture, including secretary etiquette and hangover workarounds
• The cocktail craze, with Sally Draper's cocktail menu
• Pastimes and fads, such as Pete and Trudy's dancing lessons and Bert Cooper's art
• '60s icons from Jackie to Marilyn
• Boardroom and bedroom shenanigans
• The burgeoning suburban lifestyle
• Fabulous fashion, including hairstyle how-tos and bonus paper dolls of Joan

All fabulously illustrated in Dyna Moe's fun style.

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