Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Hair!

I finally had enough of the heat and humidity in Sydney and hacked off my hair with my sewing shears! I'm pretty happy with the results although I am toying with the idea of having it cut shorter after seeing this pic of Johanna on her blog. I'm not sure whether to go shorter though because at the length it is now if I curl it it's up off my neck and it's still long enough to put a back roll in.
I did try to curl my hair with a few hot rollers but due to this ridiculous humidity the curls dropped out in a matter of minutes!


  1. WOW! Your new hair looks fantastic!

    I too am tempted to go shorter and your photo of Johanna is so encouraging. I'd honestly love to try a bob but I'm scared to be so limited on styles. With long hair you can always style it to imitate short hair, but with short hair you're stuck.

    Glad to hear you're only experiencing humidity and not flooding.

  2. Hi Ginger

    Thanks so much! I know what you mean about cutting hair short but mine grows so quickly that if i dont like it its not much of a problem for long!

    Thankfully we've avoided the floods my heart goes out to those that arent so lucky though!