Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Emma Did - 16th January 2011

This week I have been:
Going to see Tangled in 3D which was brilliant
Heading into the city to see Romeo and Juliet but on the way the Hubby got a call from his boss to ask if he could work that night so we headed to the cinema instead to see Love and Other Drugs - which was very funny but a bit of a tearjerker in places
Getting free cinema tickets after the projector broke down halfway through Love and Other Drugs. They got it up and running again and but gave us free tickets anyway.
Making jam tarts. I used to make Jam tarts with my Grandma whenever we went to visit when I was little so they bring back good memories.
Blowing my spendies on a Heyday order!
Heading over to the pub to catch up with the girlies after not seeing them for a few weeks!

Chopping my hair off afeter the humidity became unberable!

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