Friday, March 4, 2011

New Homewear Buys and the One That Got Away

I've been checking out 1950's style homewears on ebay recentely and have fallen in love with Eames era furniture. When we moved into our new unit the dining table set we got from ikea had a kind of Atomic/Eames look to it so it started a bit of a theme for the living room.
Norden/Nordmyra Table and 2 Chairs - Ikea

Here are my recent atomic look buys:
Royal Dux Pelican Figurine - Ebay Retro 60/70s style phone - Ebay
Nest of Tables - Aldi and heres the gorgeous Crown Ducal Bowl that sold for just $20 on Ebay and I missed out on because I forgot to bid! It would have made a perfect fruit bowl for the centre of my coffee table so now I'm on the lookout for another one.

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  1. Try using a bid sniping program for ebay, if you're comfortable with it you'll never look back. Great score on the Royal Dux, it will appreciate in value with time.