Monday, March 7, 2011

What Emma Did - 6th March 2011

Hello dear readers, its been a while since Ive done a 'What Emma Did' post so I thought I'd update you on everything I've been doing since I posted the last one. Recently I have been:

Moving to our lovely new unit and getting unpacked
Making multiple trips to Ikea to get new furniture and bookcases we need for the new place
Going to the Opera House to see The Ultimate Rock and Roll Jam Session
Booking our wedding/ honeymoon in Fiji
Planning the new outfits that I want to buy to take to Fiji with me
Buying these gorgeous Melissa shoes after wanting them for ages!
Getting this cute dress from eBay to go with my new shoes
Re-reading the fab 'A Guide to Elegance' after rediscovering it when I unpacked all our books
Applying for our new visa and filling out a mountain of forms and collecting all of evidence required
Going to see the fabulous Imelda May at the Gaelic (I'll post about this soon!)

Watching Season 3 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl


  1. I never knew you had IKEA down there too! Congratulations on the wedding - and honeymoon in FIji sounds marvellous. Wish you a wonderful week

  2. OMG honey,I totally hear you on the visa thing.The Scotsman needs to fill in a 30 page form and I need to fill in a 15 page one......and I'm Aussie!Can't believe how all consuming and thorough the process is.

    But yes,can you believe it? We're getting hitched too! Hopefully if all goes well,back in Sydney.And of course I would love to meet up with you,are you still around the S.Side?

    Congrats on the wedding and honeymoon,it looks divine!Oh and total shoe envy.I've been admiring them over here,they're so gorgeous.


  3. I know this visa thing is totaly crazy what with 2 different medical forms each, 4 different police and character forms then the visa form, the TRA form and my passport form I'm all formed out!!!

    Yes we're still in Cronulla - would love to meet up when you get back. None of my friends are really into the vintage/ pin up scene so it would be great to have someone to go shopping with!

    Thanks for the congrats, and congrats to you too! Have you made any wedding plans yet?

    The shoes are just gorgeous and sooooo comfortable I put them on yesterday and reverted back to a small child I was skipping around the house singing a little new shoes ditty! x