Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beating a Winter Cold the Vintage Way

Hello again dear readers. Sorry for being awol recently but I've come down with my first cold of the winter so I'm feeling a bit under the weather. With this in mind Ive been trying to track down some vintage tips for beating a winter cold but having found none I've come up with my own!

1. Convalesce - If you are sick the best thing to do is stay in bed and let your body recover. Unfortunately I can't do this as I simple cannot afford to be off work and with Easter being the busiest time of year at the bakery I'm needed there too. However I'm trying to spend any free time I have taking it easy and trying to get better!

2. Use a cute vintage handkerchief - Remember when you were a child and your mother said don't leave home without a clean hanky? Well she had a point. There's some beautiful monogrammed ones on Etsy. Not only do they look prettier but they're softer on your nose than using a tissue.

3. Eat hearty food - When I was a child if i got sick my Nan used to make me homemade chicken soup. I must admit that nowadays if I'm sick I'm tempted to eat a lot of comfort junk foods but bear in mind that your body needs vitamins and minerals to help get better. For a great healing soup check out the recipe from James Wong that I posted here.

4. Take your vitamins - Vit C is great for helping recovery from colds. Ecinacea and garlic are great at boosting your immune system so make great preventatives.

5. Wrap up warm (Inside)- In something stylish. Believe me when I say it will make you feel alot better than daggy sweatpants. Don some stylish silk PJ's and a bed jacket or dressing gown and slippers. Check out Etsy or eBay for some beautiful vintage house coats or bed jackets or pick up a gorgeous kimono style wrap.

6. Stay warm and dry outside - Try to avoid going out in the elements if you can but if you have to go out be sure to wrap up warm and stay dry. Take an umbrella and ensure your shoes are waterproof.

7. Get plenty of fluids - I recommened tea drunk out of a pretty tea cup and saucer set.

And with these tips in mind you should be feeling better in no time!

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  1. Great tips honey! I especially like the idea of wearing a kimono style robe!