Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Craft Project: Lamb Soft Toy

We always buy presents rather than chocolate for the nephews and nieces at Easter and this year we had a new addition to buy for as our great niece baby Amara had joined the family. Our niece has been telling us about the problems she was having with damp so we ordered one of these fabulous DreamBaby De-Humidifying Dry Egg.

Unfortunately as we have been sooo busy over Easter we left the ordering til late and it hasn't arrived in time for Easter so I dug out my craft bag and as I had this toweling let from Amara's baby shower gift I knocked up this super easy little lamb plush toy. All up it probably took me less than an hour to make so its a great quick little gift to make.

The pattern and sewing instruction are available free here.

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