Saturday, April 23, 2011

Staycation Day 1: Cronulla Ferries Scenic Cruise

The hubby and I have a few rare days off together over Easter so we've planned a staycation. We've been in Sydney coming up for 3 years but there's still a fair few tourist things that we have yet to see and do. Friday was a beautiful day so we made the most of the good weather and took a scenic cruise with Cronulla Ferries up to Audley.

The cruise sets off at 10.30 from Cronulla wharf and cruises around the bays of .... and then up to Audley. We were lucky in that there was only us and one other couple on board so we practically had a private cruise! As you cruise the boats guide explains some of the history of the area and points out natural features.

Here's the blurb from Cronulla Ferries website:
Discover in three hours what Bass and Flinders discovered in 3 days
In 1796 Bass and Flinder discovered Port Hacking in the Tom Thumb 11, a small 8ft long rowing boat and spent three days exploring and mapping Port Hacking. In three hours, cruising in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the M.V Tom thumb 111,you will enjoy exploring the upper reaches of the Hacking River, one of Sydney's most unspoiled waterways, with it's many bays and inlets down to the open expanses of Port Hacking and Bate Bay. You will see breathtaking views of the Royal National Park, which borders the whole southern shoreline. Learn about the early explorers of the district, Historical Settlements deer farming in the park, the states first fish hatchery. Pass by Aboriginal sites; whilst discovering their names and meanings, and cruise by some of Sydney's most magnificent waterfront properties.

A full commentary and morning or afternoon tea is provided on all cruises. Places of both local and historical interest and significance are pointed out by our courteous and experienced crew. (Now with Liquor Licence).

Overall we had a beautiful day and I highly recommend this cruise to anyone. The Tom Thumb III departs from Gunamatta Bay daily at 10.30 for a 3 hour cruise and personally I think its a bargain for just $25 each.

I'll leave you with a few of the pictures I took of the beautiful views:

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