Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Terry Pratchett at the Opera House: Imagination, Not Intelligence, Made us Human

On Sunday night the hubby and I headed to the Opera House to see Sir Terry Pratchett talk with Aussie author Garth Nix about his latest work Snuff, his struggles with early onset Alzheimer’s and his views on assisted suicide.

The hubby was super excited to see Terry Prachett as he has loved his books from a young age and met Terry Pratchett at a book signing when he was 13. I have to say neither of us were disappointed Sir Terry was witty as ever and gave an insightful and intelligent argument for assisted suicide. The audience were also treated to a reading of an excerpt from Terry's upcoming book Snuff that will be available in Australia in October.

As for what I wore. well it was rather chillsome and I'm still suffering with this silly cold so I wrapped up roasty toasty in my new vintage Pendleton jacket and my french navy Heyday trousers (although they look rather green in this picture!)
Red crochet beret - Paddys Market
1960s Pendleton jacket - Pop Up Vintage on Etsy
Red cowl neck sweater - SES
1940s Style Ladies Swing Trousers - Junior Navy - Heyday

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  1. Terry Prachett is amazing, it made me so sad to hear he had Alzheimers. It is a terrible disease, but somehow it seems even worse for such a creative type who now may lose his characters and stories :( So jealous that you got a chance to meet him!